3D grafik downtown surface deutsch

This library of more than 520 textures of city surfaces allows you to create detailed 3D City Scapes. Most of the textures are seamless tiles. Every picture has been proffesional edited, so the price of 9 cent per each picture is very cheap.
Visit a VRML example Dortmund Brackel. The pictures, used in this 3D example, you will find on the cd in higher resolution and quality.

For more information contact me:
:::: Tel.: Germany 0231 20 24 93 ::::: Handy.: Germany 0170 7417 636::::

Product Info:
House 281 pictures list of picture width in pixel
78   below   350 pixel
50 from 350 pixel to 700 pixel
40 from 700 pixel to 900 pixel
113 from 900 pixel to over 2000 pixel
Landscape 43 pictures plants, trees, backgrounds, some in png format (with alpha channel trancparency). preview
Metal 71 pictures rusty metal surfaces, old factories preview
Objects 68 pictures objects of a city, signs, doors, walls, balustrades, container... preview
Stone Ground 51 pictures grounds, walls, streets, stone preview
Cartoon 12 pictures Cartoon houses preview
Bonus   The cd contains all pictures of the Freestuff section of the Pastor Pixel Homepage.  


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phone: 49 231 20 2493

I want to buy the texture cd with 520 pictures of city surfaces, at a price of 50 EUR. The Shipping Cost is 10 EUR. Yes
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